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  • What is the registration fee?

    The registration fee for all classes is $45,

    Classes begin on September. All prices and class day and times are subject to change.

  • Are you close to any highways?

    Yes, we are conveniently located in Glendale at the borders with Middle Village and Forest Hills, we are easily accessible from these cities as well as two expressways (LIE & Jackie Robinson Pkwy).

  • How about parking space?

    There is plenty of parking space and there is a handy drop-off zone near our front door.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    YES, WE DO !

    12 weeks-10% off,

    24 weeks-15%off,

    40 weeks – 20% off



    20% Discount on second child from the same family.

    30% Discount on the second and third child for three or more kids from the same family.

    60% Discount for second class per week.

  • Whats your make-up policy?

    There is no make-up classes provided.

    If you miss a class, you may make it up as long as there is room in another class on that level.

     Refunds will not be given for missed classes nor will they be applicable towards the following payment periods.

    All missed classes must be made up during the present payment period.

     Only two make-up classes per month.

    Make-up scheduling is the responsibility of the individual student.

    There are no makeups for missed makeups

    Classes missed due to bad weather do not fall under our guidelines as classes available for makeups. If the gym is open regular classes will be held

    Holiday makeups will be scheduled by the gym.

  • Can my child attend on an irregular schedule ?

    Yes, you are paying for reserved instruction time. Those students who attend on an irregular schedule should pay by the individual class. The fee is $45.00 per hour of instruction.





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